SPN10 Countdown Challenge - [5/23]

Left: Scene from 9x05 - Dog Dean Afternoon

Right: Various scenes of Dean with the Mark of Cain and Demon!Dean

The scene on the left came at the end of a relatively lighthearted episode, in which Dean runs around as a dog. Sam is confused as to why the guy they were hunting wanted to know what he was (Sam not knowing yet that he is possessed by an angel). Originally, it was foreshadowing Ezekiel, or rather Gadreel, taking full control over Sam’s body, and running away. However on rewatch, I also feel that this scene foreshadows even further to Dean getting the Mark of Cain, losing control of himself, and ultimately becoming a demon.

"He was possessed by something he couldn’t control. It was…It was just a matter of time before it completely took over. You can’t reason with crazy, right?" - Dean, 9x05